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In May 2017, 6 researchers of the team Solal left the Aliss unit (INRA) to join the Centre Maurice Halbwachs  (CMH). Whereas Aliss is slated to be part of the new university of science and technology at Paris-Saclay, Solal saw a more congenial scientific environment in the multidisciplinary CMH (sociology, political sciences, anthropology, history) and its diverse research themes (gender, labor markets, inequality, philanthropy, and so on). The move will bolster on-going collaborations between members of Solal and the CMH. Solal does not disappear, however: we still consider ourselves a research collective, and we intend to expand by stimulating research on food in any area of the social sciences. This blog will therefore become a major hub of our activities, and our colleagues from Inra and elsewhere are welcome to participate.

Last but not least, our monthly seminar will now take place on the Jourdan Campus, under the title “Sciences sociales et alimentation” (Social sciences and food). Check the last year’s programme here.

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