2nd International workshop ‘Sociology of food’: Bridg’it ! 15-17 May 2017

Next week, sociologists from University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh and Inra (Centre Maurice Halbwachs) will meet in France for a 2-days workshop.

Second to what? Our first international workshop in 2015

In March 2015, the French team SOLAL andsociologists from IFRO (Institute of Food and Resource economics) joined in Copenhagen for 2 days.

IFRO and INRA sociologists met in Copenhagen in 2015.

Both teams shared common points: sociologists of food and eating, they belonged to multidisciplinary institutions hosting economists, nutritionists and others on this theme. They emphasised the study of social inequalities and changes in food practices based on empirical evidence, mixing qualitative and quantitative analyses.

The work shop was organised by Marie Plessz (INRA) and Lotte Holm (University of Copenhagen) and funded by Inra Scientific Department in social sciences (SAE2) and by Copenhagen university.

This first workshop allowed us to get to know each other, to start building research projects together and to make PhD students meet and share experiences.

After that, we just wanted more: more projects, more collaborations, more colleagues!

The second workshop: Bridg’it

For this second workshop, we have more colleagues: Scottish scholars from Edinburgh university joined us. They have launched the FRIED network (Food researchers in Edinburgh), to better connect interdisciplinary research on food at Edinburg University. In times where British society is trying to carry out its Brex’it, the aim is clear: food sociologists accross the Channel, unite!

During this workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to present work-in-progress and will receive advices and comments to help go further. We will have round tables to discuss common research projects, opportunities of collaborations, comparative research and writing papers together.

Presentations will revolve around three themes:

  • collective meals
  • tastes, flaours and senses
  • conflicts around food

This time, the workshop was organised by Anne Lhuissier (Inra) and Isabelle Darmon (University of Edinburg). In addition to funding from the three institutions involved, we also got a grant from ‘Pole STVE’ (life and the environment: sciences and techniques).


Marie Plessz

Sociologue, j'étudie les pratiques alimentaires, les parcours de vie et les inégalités sociales. Sociologist, I study food practices, the lifecourse and social inequalities.

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