Chili, France and GB : comparative perspective into eating times and meal contexts

Work meeting open to anyone who wishes to foster our questionings

Monday, 2 July 2018, 14:00-17:00

Campus Jourdan, 48 Bd Jourdan Paris 14e, Batiment Oykos, salle R2-04

This meeting aims at presenting three surveys dealing with meals which were carried out in three countries. A comparative analysis has been started between the Chilean and the French surveys and we are now considering bringing the British survey into the comparison. The first part of the afternoon will be devoted to the presentation of the three surveys (methodology and food and eating related questionnaires) in order to resolve questions and difficulties that might arise from the comparative perspective. In the second part of the afternoon, we will briefly present some of the results of the surveys that could be the subject of a comparison between the three countries.

This meeting is intended as a moment of exchange and reflection, open to anyone interested in meal issues, comparative perspectives or methodological approaches, to foster and strengthen our approach and questioning.

14:00-15:00 : Methodologies and food questionnaires

Alan Warde(University of Manchester): The SCI food and eating questionnaire (2012)

Claudia Giacoman ((Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile): Encuesta de Comensalidad en Adultos de la Región Metropolitana (2016)

Isabelle Parizot etAnne Lhuissier(Centre Maurice Halbwachs) : The SIRS Cohort (2010) and the food questionnaire

15:15-17:00 A few results

Alan Warde: An overview of the SCI survey findings

Claudia Giacoman: Commensality in Santiago and Paris

Anne Lhuissier: Meal schedules in Santiago and Paris


Publications on the surveys available on request (anne.lhuissier[at]

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